Rose Hayden, founder of RAH Consulting, Inc., is a business consultant and client liaison with over 20 years of executive business experience and health and human services government policy expertise.

After working in both the private and public sectors, Hayden started RAH Consulting to bridge the gap between these two sectors. With her knowledge, expertise and that of the RAH team, they provide solutions to the various complex issues that both sectors face. Those solutions and their collective government experience inform RAH’s business development services in government bid responses for a variety of project initiatives.

Hayden served as Director of Budget and Planning in the Office of the Texas Governor and Chief of Staff with the Texas Health & Human Services Commission, where her areas of expertise focused on Medicaid, Child Welfare, Adult & Juvenile Corrections, and Public Sector Procurement. Her insight into the business and political landscape continues to inform her work at RAH and has provided consistent value for her clients.

Notable projects at RAH Consulting include:

  • Leading major government RFP responses in healthcare and IT

  • Advising fortune 500 companies on their government business development and business retention strategies

  • Developing and planning executive strategic plans for over 25 government and non-profit organizations nationwide

  • Developing and delivering training curriculum for front line staff working to improve client lives and address real life challenges

Consequently, Hayden has contributed to company blogs, numerous budgeting panels and government workshops, speaking engagements, and even lectures at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. Hayden has also used her talents to develop and deliver healthcare and human services training curriculum focused on developing improved engagement strategies for those charged with improving the lives of their clients.

If you would like to learn how the full suite of business services that RAH Consulting offers and how RAH can help your business, please contact us.