Bridging Two Worlds

Private and Public Sector

If you need assistance navigating the complexities of the health and human services and the government procurement landscape, RAH Consulting provides the expertise and knowledge to guide you.

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About RAH Consulting

Rose Hayden, founder of RAH Consulting, Inc. is a business consultant and client liaison with over 20 years of executive business experience and government policy expertise.

After serving in both the private and public sectors of business organization and management, Hayden started RAH Consulting to bridge that gap and use her connections and knowledge to provide solutions at every level of business development.

Hayden’s government experience stems from her time as Director of Budget and Planning in the Office of the Texas Governor and Chief of Staff with the Texas Health & Human Services Commission, where her areas of expertise focused on Medicaid,  Child Welfare, Adult & Juvenile Corrections, and Public Sector Procurement.

Why Does Healthcare

Cost So Much?

Why does healthcare in the U.S. cost what it costs?  They scary truth is, we really don't know.  There is a maze of actors and reasons that drive healthcare costs in our country.  And the wide range of prices for procedures is more than troubling.

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